ParkEyes offers superior quality, flexibility, excellent service with competitive pricing.

ParkEyes is a technology company with more than 15 years of experience in License Plate Recognition market for Parking, access control, high speed and traffic studies using LPR , having its own LPR engine and advanced analytical video algorithms.

100% of ParkEyes products are camera based, such as LPR, Side View Cameras, Under Vehicle Inspection System, CCTV, ParkEyes Parking Guidance System, Intelligent Lighting Dimmable by cameras, etc.

This experience leads to the fact that ParkEyes is the best solution for camera-based Parking Guidance system.

Today we uphold a strong presence in more than 25 countries, serving Shopping Malls, Airports, Business Centers, Hospitals, Public Parking, Hotels and others.

Our highly skilled team is dedicated to providing customers the best solution, developing constantly new features and technologies.