ParkEyes Lighting is an advanced Dimmable Led Lighting system that controls the minimum and maximum lighting levels depending on the movement detected by ParkEyes cameras, increasing greatly the ROI.


Through artificial vision, ParkEyes Lighting controls the intensity light levels depending on the movement of people, cars and the outdoor illumination received.

Dimmable from 0% up to 100%

Motion detection by ParkEyes cameras

Real-time intensity change response

TCP/IP communications


Thanks to advanced video-analytic algorithms, ParkEyes Lighting has the best ROI of the market, from 1 up to 3 years maximum.

Save more than 70% in electricity

Illuminate only when necessary

Control the maximum consumption

Forget the maintenance: More than 80.000 h lifespan


ParkEyes Lighting software offers the possibility of establishing limits of consumption and illumination by zones, levels, schedules, calendars, amount of movement, etc.

Control the minimum and maximum illumination levels

Program consumption levels inside of schedules

Program consumption levels inside of calendars

Automatic intensity control inside of the established limits


ParkEyes and ParkEyes Lighting are integrated in the same tray, saving infrastructure, minimizing installation time and presenting a great aesthetic.

Efficient distribution

Plug&Play: low installation time

The best aesthetic for your parking